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Projects in the Jamieson Lab involve collaborative research, education, and community engagement efforts that aim to promote and inform conservation biology, natural resource management, and agroecology. Members of the lab work together along with other community members, students, educators, and researchers to provide a better understanding of how our environment is changing, the effect these changes have on species interactions, and strategies for supporting biological diversity and ecosystem services provided by plants and insects.

Our research projects investigate ecological interactions among plants, insects, microbes, and the environment.  We focus on studying relationships between plants and their insect herbivores and pollinators. A central theme of this work is to examine the role of plant chemistry in mediating species interactions as well as the influence of interacting species on plant chemistry. We are interested in compounds that play a role in human and insect nutrition in addition to compounds that attract or deter insect pests and pollinators. To learn more about projects in the lab, please explore our webpage, publications, and feel free to reach out to one of us. The Jamieson Lab is located in the Department of Biological Sciences at Oakland University in Rochester, Michigan.