We study ecological relationships among plants and insects, focusing on research that aims to understand how anthropogenic environmental disturbances affect species interactions and biological diversity. Investigations span a range of biological fields including chemical, physiological, population, community, and evolutionary ecology.

Our research addresses topics relevant to applied problems in conservation, natural resource management, and agroecology – linking scientific research with societal needs.  We investigate beneficial and pest species in managed and agricultural ecosystems. Focal study organisms include a variety of native, naturalized, and invasive species from grassland, forest, and agricultural habitats.

Research Themes

  1. the chemical ecology of plant-herbivore, plant-pollinator, and multi-trophic interactions
  2. top-down and bottom-up controls on plant productivity as well as variability in plant performance and defense traits
  3. landscape ecology of plants and their associated beneficial and pest insects
  4. biological conservation and natural resource management

For more information about research in the Jamieson Lab, check out webpages describing plant, pollinator, and herbivore projects.