Research in the Jamieson lab focuses on understanding the effects of anthropogenic environmental change on the ecology of plant-insect interactions in natural and agroecosystems.

We are interested in research addressing various global change factors, including land-use and land-cover change, nitrogen deposition, and climate change.

More specifically, we study the effects of anthropogenic disturbances and other environmental attributes on plant performance and defense traits in addition to ecological interactions between plants and insects.

A focal area of research involves understanding how chemistry mediates interactions between plants, insects, and microbes.

Past, current, and future investigations focus on plant interactions with beneficial insects, such as pollinators, and antagonistic insects, such as herbivores.

Ongoing projects included studies examining:

Plant productivity and phytochemistry in urban agriculture

Bee communities and pollinator services in agroecosystems – urban, suburban, rural

Habitat restoration for pollinators

Climate change effects on tree physiology, growth, and phytochemistry

For more information, please explore the webpages describing general research interests or pollinator and herbivore projects.