Jamieson lab community engagement (Cover photo by Joseph Ferraro; Film by the Deka Brothers)


There are a number of opportunities for students to gain experience in scientific research and communication by participating in on-going, collaborative research and education projects.  Through an array of hands-on activities, students can develop knowledge and skills in ecology and environmental science, including chemical analyses using gas or liquid chromatography and mapping using geographic information systems. The goal of mentored activities is to facilitate student-driven research trajectories and career paths by promoting independence and creativity.

Community Engagement

Engaging public interest and interacting with the community at large is a key component of environmental education.  In the Jamieson Lab, we try to stay involved with and link ecological research efforts to community-based volunteer and education organizations. To date, weโ€™ve worked with and been involved in a variety of groups including Urban Link Village, the Monarch Watch, the Oakland University Student Organic Farm, HAVEN, Dinosaur Hill, and It Takes a Village Garden at Votrobeck Playground.