• Caleb Wilson was awarded the first place President’s Prize at the joint meeting of the Entomological Societies of America, Canada, and British Colombia for his research presentation in the Pollinator Habitat Session. Yay Caleb!
  • We’re exited to have Anna Tawril and Rob Whyle join the lab! They started a MS program in Fall 2018. Anna will be studying pollinator conservation planting in urban and suburban environments in southeastern Michigan. Rob plans to investigate the influence of herbivory and mycorrhizal association on strawberry trait variation, plant-pollinator interactions, and productivity.
  • Congratulations to Kyla Scherr and Caleb Wilson, who both received the OU Provost award to help fund their research in urban agriculture!
  • Thanks to the Foundation for Food and Agriculture Research (FFAR), a non-profit organization supporting research addressing food and agriculture challenges. FFAR announced the inaugural recipients of the New Innovator Award this month. This award will provide the Jamieson lab with funding for research in urban agriculture and community engagement efforts in the Detroit metropolitan area. The focus of this work will be on understanding the influence of insect pollinators in pests in affecting crop productivity on urban farms.
  • Caleb Wilson is the newest graduate student in the Jamieson lab. He began the Masters program in Biology at OU in Winter 2017. He will be investigating the abundance and diversity of bees inhabiting farms and gardens across a gradient of urbanization. Caleb recently graduated from the University of Iowa, where he gained research experience in the lab of Steve Hendrix on a project investigating bee communities in Iowa.
  • Kyla Scherr joined the PhD program in Biology and the Jamieson lab in Fall 2016 to pursue studies in urban ecology. Her previous work involved bat and bird monitoring at wind energy sites and outreach efforts for prairie restoration. She will be conducting research in community gardens and urban farms in Detroit and the surrounding area.
  • Congratulations to Maria Laconi, who recently was awarded the Oakland University Provost Award the George and Teresa Gamboa Behavior and Ecology Student Research Award to support her work on strawberry chemical ecology.